TOP TEN things I have learned throughout the course... 78399864.jpg

10. As new teachers we will be teaching digital learners.

9. Digital Learners have 8 key preferences.

8. The difference between Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants (all students in today's schools are digital natives).

7. Cyber Bullying is becoming a larger problem in today's schools. As teachers we must do everything possible to eliminate Cyber Bullying in our schools and support victims of Cyber Bullying.

6. There are many new technologies that can be used in the 21st century classroom to keep today's students engaged.


5. Wikis are an excellent resource for the classroom.

4. Movie Making and Podcasting is a fun twist and new way to present oral presentations.

3. There are several useful websites and resources available online for teacher and student use, such as Comic Life and Bitstrips.

2. Teachers need to incorporate more than one kind of technology in the classroom.

1. Students learn best by doing! Integrating technology is an excellent way to achieve this!