Multimedia in the Classroom

Readings and Reflection
From: "Icons etc."

This week's reading was a blog entry by Will Richardson who is the sole operator of Connective Learning, a consultant service specializing in assisting educators understand and implement the latest workplace and leadership practices in embedding learning technologies in education. The entry was entitled "I Don't Need Your Network (or Your Computer, or Your Tech Plan or Your...). In the entry Richardson predicts that in the near future every high school student will have a device that connects them to the internet, such as an iPod, iPhone, Laptop, Blackberry, Net-book, etc. As a result Richardson argues it is time to transform our curriculum. Richardson points out that 95% of our curriculum does not embrace the popular technology and learning devices on the market today. He says that it is time for educators to embrace the inevitable and create an effective technology plan.
Richardson calls for educators to transform the curriculum not simply revise it. I agree with Richardson it is time for the curriculum to get a 21st century makeover in which teachers are required to use today's technology. A curriculum that meets the needs of today's 21st century digital learner.

New Software and How to Use It

This week we studied the art of podcasting. Podcasts are an excellent tool for all teachers. As an English and history teacher I found them especially interesting. Using the computer, students can record their voice, add music and pictures and create an interesting alternative to the "old-school" oral presentation. In class we used the program Audacity to record our voices. Audacity allows you to add effects like changing to pitch or speed of your voice. You can also add music to your podcast in Audacity. To learn more about how to use Audacity check out the video to the left. At home I use GarageBand for Mac to create a podcast. I find GarageBand a bit easier to use, I also like GarageBand compared to Audacity because it comes with a wide selection jingles and sound effects. To find out how to use GarageBand click here, this link will bring you directly to a Apple Tutorial that shows how to create a podcast using GarageBand.

This week I have learned...

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