Welcome to Kristin's PED 3119B Wiki!

This wiki is an account of my experiences in PED 3119 throughout the semester. I will reflect on the readings and class discussions and share what I have learned throughout the course.


What is PED 3119B?

PED 3119B is a course in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa. Throughout the course we will examine the roles of different technologies in the teaching and learning process. We will also investigate effective ways to integrate these technologies and tools in the intermediate and senior classrooms.

girl5-stick-figure.jpg About me...

This past June I graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. I majored in History and double minored in Mass Communications and English. My teachables are History and English. I have always enjoyed learning about the history of the world, in particular, North America. While attending high school and university I was fortunate enough to have dedicated and passionate history teachers and professors who inspired me to pursue the study of history. Becoming a teacher was not something that I always knew I wanted to do. It was not until I began my job as a swimming instructor that I realized how much I loved teaching and working with children and youth. As a teacher I want to teach my students that history is a fascinating subject that will allow them to learn about and understand the past as well as help them to live in the present and prepare for life in the future. Incorporating technology in the classroom will help me make history class more exciting for my students.